Adventures of an Alchemist

WARNING: Many of these experiments are potentially dangerous and should only be attempted by a professionally trained chemist.

Synthesizing Water: (4 K)

A. Hydrogen-Powered Soda Bottle Rockets
B. Making Water in a Water Bottle
C. The Hydrogen Cannon
D. Making Water in a Milk Jug
E. Hydrogen Balloons
Making Liquid Oxygen (23 K)
Pyro Man (6 K)

Trapped Gas Molecules Get Hot (10 K)

Thermite Reaction (0 K)
Acetylene-Powered Trash Can Launch (0 K)
Growing a Giant Copper Sulfate Crystal (18 K)
Sodium and Water in a PVC Pipe (14 images, 364 K)
Miscellaneous Images (6 images, 251 K)
Methane Mamba (10 images, 196 K)
**Lots of good movies & photos can be seen on the Chem III media page

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