Adventures of an Alchemist  AT THE MOVIES

Note: Most of the movies have been converted to streaming files (asf file type) which will launch the Windows Media Player. They have been saved in multiple quality settings which will affect the size of the "movie screen" and the clarity or resolution of the movie you are watching. Of course, as the movie gets larger and clearer there is more data for you to download. The trade-off is between quality of the picture and how long you have to wait to watch it. Depending on the size of your data pipe (dial-up 28.8 K modem, dial-up 56 K modem, ISDN line, DSL line, cable line, T1 line, etc) you can choose the movie file you prefer. Some of the newer movies are of the mov file type.

Special Thanks to Brian Deaton and Yoshiko Shoji for the many hours they spent in the studio digitizing, editing, and streaming all the data for these movies. Also, thanks to those who filmed the action: Brian Deaton, Holmes Merritt, Ben Short, Sam Hotchkiss, Yuriko Tamura, and Bridget Harron.

Sodium Swimming in a Trashcan Experiment - 1999:

Sodium Swimming in a Trashcan Experiment - 2000:

Close-Up  of the Sodium Swimming in a Trashcan Experiment - 2000:

Classroom Presentation of our Sodium Swimming in a Trashcan Experiment - 1999:

Synthesis of Water in a 5 Gallon Water Bottle Experiment - 2001:

Acetylene-Powered Trash Can Launch - 2000:

Acetylene Experiment - 2002:

Acetylene-Powered Trash Can Launch - 2004:
(We finally discovered a working set-up!)

Sodium in a Trashcan - 2007:


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