Hydrogen Cannon

The hydrogen cannon is a 17" section of iron plumbing pipe (ID = 2 1/8") with a plumbing cap screwed on one end. I took the pipe to a machinist and had the cap drilled to take a spark-plug. With the spark-plug screwed in tight and holding the pipe upside down, fill the cannon with hydrogen from a compressed cylinder. Add some oxygen. I estimate when the cannon will be 2/3 hydrogen and 1/3 oxygen. Press a raquetball or a tennis ball into the open mouth of the cannon. Try to get a tight fit so the pressure can build up. I "aim" the cannon by setting it up at an angle with some books. I use a power supply and induction coil to get a spark from the plug. Two cautions: never touch the cannon when the power is on and protect your ears.

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