Thermite Reaction 2001

SkilletLabel.jpg (13362 bytes)
The cast iron skillet had a lifetime warranty, but in this case its lifespan was rather short.
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The thermite mixture is in a nickel crucible.

Lighting the mixture.
260.jpg (13793 bytes)
The first signs of smoke.
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The iron and nickel atoms turn orange as they try to withstand the unbelievable heat produced by this reaction.
262.jpg (16564 bytes)
The reaction is capable of producing temperatures of close to 3000 *C in its surroundings.
263.jpg (16591 bytes)
271.jpg (12848 bytes)
You can see a blob of iron atoms that have frozen back.
272.jpg (13808 bytes)
The crucible is now melted to the skillet.
274.jpg (8448 bytes)
The underside of the skillet where it had melted right through.


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