Chemistry III: SCI 590

Prerequisite: Advanced Chemistry

Chemistry III is a laboratory exploration course designed to allow experienced chemistry students the opportunity to work independently and develop their own experiments. This course allows students to explore personal interests in the chemistry lab. Activities will focus on devising, setting up, and performing experiments to build upon the foundation of skills and knowledge acquired in previous chemistry courses. This course encourages and depends upon the independence and self-motivation of the student in pursuing experiments of interest. The entire Fall trimester is devoted to the development of entertaining and educational chemical demonstrations for the 7th Grade Chemistry Show. The show takes place on the last day of the Fall term. The second trimester is devoted to independent projects.

Grades will be determined by weighting participation as 50% and lab reports as the remaining 50%.

Class meets twice a week for 45 minute sessions during the Fall & Winter trimesters.

You can visit the media page to see videos produced in the Chem III class.

The Winter trimester is devoted to independent projects:   Trimester 2 Projects