Summer Research Programs for Students

One advantage of living in the Triangle area is the abundance of scientific research taking place in local universities, government facilities, and corporations. Many of these institutions offer summer opportunities for high school and college students. Some offer large, well-organized programs and some depend on your persistence, your qualifications, your willingness to work for free, or who you know. Students who have a serious interest in careers involving science or medicine should make every effort to become involved in a research lab setting. The purpose of this page is to make you aware of the opportunities and provide you with enough information to get started. I will be adding more information later in the Fall when details about next summer will be released by the various programs. If you know of any opportunities that are not on this list, please let me know.

1. National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) - Summer of Discovery Program

2. Summer Ventures in Math & Science

3. Duke University - Summer on the Edge Program

4. American Heart Association

5. N.C. State University

Sample Student Resumes

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